So, You Need to Buy a Baby Shower Gift…

Eeek! So, your girlfriend/sister/neighbor/co-worker has reached that exciting milestone of having her first baby. By this point in your life you have likely become quite comfortable attending bridal showers, bachelorette events, and perhaps even mastered the art of being the most graceful bridesmaid (despite the dreadful color of the dress that hung off of you like a bad dream…but that’s a whole other blog post) Now suddenly, your girlfriend/sister/neighbor/co-worker is entering uncharted territory. She is expecting a baby. This does not sound all that complicated. Most people have them. We were babies once. Should be easy to pick out a gift until you walk into that section of the store that you have been (not necessarily purposefully but…) avoiding for your entire life. You realize there are aisles and aisles of “essentials” that until that moment you had no idea of their existence, and now that you do still aren’t quite sure what it’s for or why it’s essential. Let me help. (Shameless plug alert) This is where a small local boutique that specializes in just this exact thing can come to the rescue. We can help you navigate this yet uncharted territory.  I have put together a list of a few of the top baby items for 2013 (what they are used for/why a parent might want them)

Boon Lawn

Boon Lawn

The Lawn/Stem from Boon The flexible grass blades hold all just-washed baby accessories. (And whatever else they might want.) Plus it’s like having a fairway next to the kitchen sink. Minus any gophers. Or golfers. Bonus: No mowing required. I love the fact that it could be used way after baby bottle days for lets say champagne glasses or drying knives…Love things that can be converted for post-baby use!


Zoli Buzz B.

The Zoli Buzz B nail trimmer. Buzz B is a battery operated nail trimmer. It safely trims nails with a gentle yet effective oscillating action. The cushioned pads are specially designed for baby’s nails so it won’t harm surrounding skin. With two different power settings, parents can control the speed. This is a fun gift because many parents haven’t seen anything like this product before. It’s also practical. Newborns usually come into this world with very long nails and very teeny tiny fingers making traditional nail clippers a new parent’s nightmare. Ease their anxiety with this nail buffer.


Aden + Anais Swaddle Blankets

Aden + Anais Swaddle Blankets

Aden+Anais swaddle blankets. I don’t think we have had a registry in the store that did not have a pack of these blankets on it. They come in a variety of colors/patterns and in two types of material: 1) muslin: a very lightweight breathable cotton or 2) bamboo: which makes the blankets luxuriously soft. Swaddling a baby makes the baby feel safe and secure (as though they were still in the womb). Swaddling a baby also helps keep the baby from waking itself as a result of uncontrolled reflex responses. A happily sleeping baby makes for happy, well rested parents.


Ergo Performance Carrier

The Ergo baby carrier. There are lots of different brands and styles of baby carriers on the market. This is our top selling brand. As the name suggests it is ergonomically designed so that the weight of the baby is distributed to the hips versus the back and shoulders. The baby can be worn on the front or back or hip. There is a growing trend of parents that believe that wearing your baby is best for the baby. If you don’t think your friend fits in that category just know that sometimes a stroller is a hassle, but for the reasons pictured above it’s still nice to have your hands free.


Phil & Ted’s Lobster Seat

Phil&Ted’s Lobster seat. This is great for the parents on the go. It folds flat into it’s own carrying case for easy transport. Think picnics, grandma’s house, disney cruises, favorite mexican restaurant.

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