Sneak Peek at Baby Oliver Nursery! (hint: MOONRISE KINGDOM)

OK, so I know October is far off, but I am a planner, so, I am planning.  Whatever.  We are finding out the sex of the baby in a  few weeks, however, I wanted to design a nursery that was pretty unisex so that I can use all these things again in the future regardless of the next baby’s sex.

SSsssooooo, what to do? what to do?  I personally don’t like “themes” and I personally don’t like most baby things! Funny, since I own a baby store, but I feel like a nursery is a room I plan to spend a lot of time in and I want it to make me feel good/comfy/happy/like and adult.  That being said, this baby was most definitely conceived in Iceland (TMI?) so I am thinking adventurer…

Coincidentally, we happen to have watched several Wes Anderson movies lately and… I’m thinking, I’m thinking…. MOONRISE KINGDOM! Perfect!

I have done NOTHING to the nursery so far.  BUT  I have been PINNING and here is the inspiration board I started.  I figured I would share with you all since… well… I just can’t help myself.  I am so EXCITED!

5-17-2014 4-26-51 PM

A Book-Themed Baby Shower

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, the leaves are beginning to cast a soft green hue across the horizon. Finally it seems winter is behind us. Spring brings with it the promise of new life. My parents have a brand new flock of baby lambs cavorting all over their pasture. The Robin couple in my front yard are definitely busy nesting. I think in a two week stretch I found out that five or so friends are expecting. With all of these babies on the way I know  there will be plenty of opportunity for  celebration and of course, the showers.

Even at my very first baby showers I was completely turned off by some of the silly games (melted candy bar in a diaper or who can drink the fastest out of a baby bottle, anyone?). Now the mere thought of those worn out themes gives me chills… and makes me want to bring a flask. There are ways around these degrading themes, and I thought we might share a few ideas here to help with the inspiration.

I love books, and as I child I adored the summers my mother would read us Little House on the Prairie and Little Women. I know my love of reading and books started from infancy with the childhood classics that lined our bookshelves growing up. I still pause a moment in the bookstore when I happen upon one of my favorite titles from early childhood. Flipping through those pages brings back nostalgic feelings of warmth and security. Is there ever a better parenting moment in life than breathing in soft baby skin fresh from the bathtub, and reading them to sweet dreams at night?

A book themed shower seems like the perfect way to help that expectant family in your life get their library for baby started. Ask guests to bring their favorite book from childhood along with the gift. Here are two examples I found that would be so cute as invites. With this first example I  love the idea of  including a book plate with the invites.

printable inviteThis *free* printable are by Anna Bond and can be found on her Creature Comforts Blog

Of course I don’t want to do anything these days that doesn’t include some type of hand lettering somewhere in the event. This invitation was designed by Design House of Moira or visit our favorite local artist, Hannah Katherine, who has found a passion in all things hand lettered.

hand lettered inviteDesign House of Moira as featured on the blog On to Baby

Once all the guests have been invited we can move onto the decorations and food! Look at some of these gorgeous decor ideas! All of which I feel like could be modified to work for indoor/outdoor spaces. love garlands and love succulents so why not include both of those ideas into decor?

book theme decor - CopyBasically Martha Stewart continues to just make it happen with events

book theme decor 2Again credit goes to On to Baby

book theme decor 3 - Copy

book theme decor 4 - Copy

book theme decor 5 - Copysucculents! found on Vintage Page Designs where you can also find lots of other fun with succulents.

What about a hand lettered chalk board welcoming guests, listing the menu, or otherwise instructing guests on any activities taking place that day? Again, our favorite local artist, Hannah Katherine, has some amazing examples of her work on her website.

hand lettering

I am not always a fan of the traditional guest book at events, but when I saw this idea that could be framed for the baby’s room I couldn’t resist adding it to this post.

guest bookIf I can’t buy locally, Etsy is generally my first stop for gifts.

Of course can’t have a party without food and cake! I found a few inspiring pics, but I think  you could choose your menu and then make it relate back to a children’s book…there are a lot of stories that seem to revolve around food such as:

If you Give a Mouse a Cookie or for that matter

If You Give a Mouse a Muffin

Green Eggs and Ham

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

Country Bear’s Good Neighbor

Very Hungary Caterpillar

book food 2Found on The Daily Garnish

book food 3photo: The Daily Garnish

book foodfrom Mimi Dos it Yourself (mostly)

book food 5Again another Martha Stewart idea, but I loved these toothpicks

book food 4I mentioned how much I love why not incorporate them onto cake? photo: Lindseye Archer

Hope this helps with party planning inspiration! Share your great ideas with us! Submit a shower you planned (or were the guest of honor) We would love to share your ideas!

Introducing Mountain Buggy Nano

Had to share this awesome new stroller by Mountain Buggy! Folds closed with a push of two buttons, weighs only 13lbs, and is small enough to fit into the overhead compartment on the plane. We think this stroller is a perfect choice for those families who love to travel! It also comes with a built in travel adapter compatible with most car seats. Holds children up to four years. We do not have it currently offered on our website at this moment, so contact us directly at 540-437-0077 or Bon Voyage! If any of you have had the chance to try the Nano please leave a comment and share your thoughts!


mountain buggy nano mountain buggy nano2 mountain buggy nano3

An Announcement of a Lifetime

Ren and I have both been celebrating with various friends and family members, and of course, customers over the past few weeks as suddenly it seems like everyone had a very “busy” winter. (We applaud these efforts.) Once you are holding that positive home pregnancy test in your hand what happens next? How did you tell your partner, parents, in-laws, siblings, friends, co-workers etc, and WHEN do you tell? The how and the when are obviously very personal decisions. My mother was the one who actually shared this YouTube video of a couples making the announcement  to a parent…something that lots of our parents, I suspect, start daydreaming about long before they have us married. From simple and sweet to elaborate and sophisticated it is an exciting moment. How did you share your news?


Over the Moon on camera

Right around Christmas our building management/leasing company came and interviewed us for their blog. We talk a little bit about what our store is all about in addition to why we chose our store location in the downtown of Harrisonburg, Virginia. I don’t think we are ready for Barbara Walters anytime soon (any constructive criticism is always welcome), but it is kind of fun to see shots of the store on film!

Throwback Thursday Our Paper Crane Window

This was our first window display. We literally folded 1,000 paper cranes. We heard it promises you longevity, good health, success perhaps even. We needed ALL of that to get up and opened and to survive our first year. I think the longevity comes in if you actually survive the process of folding all those birds. It was a little bittersweet to take them down and put up Christmas, but we must move on!



Nursery Design: Featuring Pantone’s Color of the Year, Radiant Orchid

Ever heard of Pantone? Me neither, until that is, I started this business a year ago and became increasingly aware of design trends. They tout themselves as a world renowned expert in color. Apparently they are because both fashion and design trends follow their lead very closely. Pantone has been picking the color of the year since 2000. This year they state they picked Radiant Orchid because of what the color embodies. “Radiant Orchid blooms with confidence and magical warmth that intrigues the eye and sparks the imagination. It is an expressive, creative and embracing purple—one that draws you in with its beguiling charm. A captivating harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones, Radiant Orchid emanates great joy, love and health.” I will admit it did not thrill my soul at first however the more I researched for this blog post the more charming, modern, bohemian, classical I found this color could be. In effect, I think it possible to take this color and go in whatever direction your own creativity will take you!

photo credit: Lisa Mende Design

photo credit: Lisa Mende Design

Ready to create your very own Radiant Orchid nursery? Of course painting the walls this color will create the most dramatic effect. I found a few examples of nurseries fully committed to the color.

blog pictures3

Photo credit for these nurseries go to The Punkin Patch Blog and to BabyDeco

Not convinced Radiant Orchid is the wall color for you? No worries the great thing about this versatile color is that it seems to pair well with shades of pink, darker purples, yellow, mustard, and greys which makes it possible to use the orchid color as an accent color.

3-D wall art can be found on Etsy at HipandClavicle starting at $22.00

Chevron whale is also on Etsy at FloretDesign for $30.00 (how cute would this pillow be in a glider

The floor lamp is featured on Refinery29 and available at LampsPlus for $149.99

Both chairs as well as the cream and orchid area rug are featured on Safavie

I do so adore the silk safari rugs featured on Corners of Expression by ELTE I will warn that they start in the $3,000 (typical for me to pick them as my first choice)

For those loving both the woodland theme, the pantone color, AND DIY on a budget checkout the deer printable download from Zalooza

Have fun and express yourself with all of the magical, creative elements this color conjures…Meanwhile, I believe I may look into seeing exactly what is required to work for Pantone. (Okay, maybe I already have my hands full, but how fun to have a hand in picking the color for 2015?)

January Wedding

Ren had her January wedding this past weekend! It was such a fun night celebrating with them. I love weddings that truly reflect the personality of the couple getting married. She has been whisked off for a honeymoon in Iceland and Ireland. Thought I would share just a few pictures of their special night! ren wedding1

ren wedding2

ren wedding 3

ren wedding4

Nursery Design: Super Hero Nursery

Continuing with our idea to focus on nursery design this month. I am so excited to share our next theme! Who has not at some point felt like a super hero, wished they were a super hero, or thought someone else was totally a super hero? What a great idea for a colorful nursery (and one I bet could get some new dads out there pretty pumped to help with the decorating)!


blog pictures2

Loving some of these decorating accessories? the mobile can be found on Etsy at Drops of Color (along with an adorable selection of other themed mobiles). The wall art can be found at Word Willow again on Etsy. The blocks were (you guessed it) also on Etsy at the BlockSpot .

Do you have a nursery design you are particularly proud of? Share it with us! We especially would love to see the before and after shots of the room. Just send us an email with the pictures attached at

Nursery Design: Downton Abbey

Anyone else suffering from a little Downton Abbey fever? I am not ashamed to admit that I spent my ENTIRE day off last week catching up on the last few seasons to ready myself for the long awaited, much anticipated season 4. It was with a certain amount of joy and pride that I noticed the bassinet used in baby Sybil’s nursery is quite similar to one we carry at Over the Moon! I scoured the internet for hours looking for a good picture of it with no avail. Lucky for me I have a very patient partner who was willing to sit and watch the three or four episodes I was certain contained the scenes with the bassinet, and he was able to take few screen shots for me to share with you!



Can’t you just imagine what sweet dreams baby would have in these dreamy bassinets made by Cariboo in New Zealand?


Image            Image


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